2nd China-European Annual Workshop on Mobile and Cloud Computing (MobileCloud Workshop 2014)

Mobile cloud computing combines cloud and mobile computing techniques to enable pervasive resource sharing and information access for mobile users via heterogeneous portable devices. To mitigate the needs of mobile devices in computing capacity and resources, the mobile cloud computing paradigm allows the computing, data storage and mass information processing be offloaded to the cloud platform for enhancing the reliability and availability of services while minimizing the energy and computational requirements in mobile devices. The MobileCloud Workshop addresses the theme of research challenges towards mobile cloud computing paradigm, which intend to encourage complimentary knowledge and research exchange between China and Europe.

The MobileCloud Workshop gathers together the membership of the FP7 IRSES MobileCloud Project in the framework of the Marie Curie actions as well as external participants. The program, partially integrated to the NOF 2014 program, will include working group sessions.

Topics of interest

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:



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MobileCloud Workshop Location

UPMC (University Pierre & Marie Curie) 4 place Jussieu, 75005 Paris, France


Workshop Chairs

Stefano Secci, UPMC, France

Rami Langar, UPMC, France